Company Introduction

Al-Braqa Offshore Sdn Bhd is a proudly Bruneian oilfield service company providing logistics, supply, and services to the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas producers face unique challenges every day, so it is our job to come up with solutions that will help them in providing services that are safe, ethical, and sustainable.
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We create and deliver complete and innovative solutions as a trusted partner to our customers to maximize the potential of natural resources.


Deliver solutions in a stable and efficient manner.

A provider of choice for the Bruneian mineral resource extraction industry.

To strictly maintain safety in operation and control in all areas of our business activities.

Comply with laws, rules and regulations and adhere to ethical business conduct in accordance with the social norms of the countries we operate in.

Chairman – Leslie Allen Vercoe

Leslie is a highly experienced and dedicated property professional with over 50 successful years at Director level in the highly volatile property business. During his career he has been directly responsible for the construction of numerous developments particularly of residential accommodation of varying sizes around the UK and Europe including a 50,000 sq ft mansion known as Updown Court, that appeared in the Guinness Book of Records 2012 as the most expensive single house constructed in the UK at that time. In addition he has extensive experience in commercial and retail developments again throughout the UK and Europe. Leslie’s key skills include :
• Ability to see opportunities where others fail.
• Financial and commercial acumen.
• Leadership and motivation.
• Ability to plan and coordinate complicated projects
• Proven ability to manage multi discipline teams.
• High level of emotional intelligence and ability to think outside the box to deliver projects on time and on budget.
Current Appointments
•Chairman from 2014 to date Camoren Holdings Ltd
•Partner from 2006 to date Passfield Industrial Estates LLP
• Director from 2014 to date Port Derwent Developments Ltd
• Non Executive Director from 2010 to Date Pimlico Capital Ltd
• Director from 2008 to date Riga International Business Park SIA
• Director 1995 to date European Consultancy Services Ltd
• Director 2015 to date Whitehaven Land Ltd
• Director 2000 to date Trevipark Ltd

CEO – Message

Founded in 2009, Al-Braqa Offshore Sdn Bhd offers top quality products and services that benefits the oil and gas industry in Brunei. With a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, we aim to meet the needs and wants of our clients through comprehensive customer service and competent pricing, without compromising on quality or deadlines.
We remain at the forefront of the oil and gas standard of service through optimizing our company’s performance by investing in our people. Over the years of working with international entities, we have had the privilege of forging partnerships that allowed us to journey with them to assist them in their current and future goals.
It has also allowed us to cultivate the most dependable and innovative methods of operation. Al-Braqa aims to continue providing products and services to our clients, investors and partners that are cost effective, efficient, safe and comprehensive.

Organization Chart

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We operate in some of the most innovative projects in the country. But we don’t try to do it all by ourselves. Al-Braqa is always on the lookout for the right long-term partners. We have several major affiliates around the world, these are companies who – just like us – have a track record of quality, excellence and innovation, often with cutting-edge technology. Contact us for more information about becoming a partner.