Have you been Bareback bottoms should get tested frequently.

We now reside in an age when PrEP offers HIV-negative gents and ladies additional precaution against HIV transmission — a precaution that, relating to every statistic available, is more dependable than regular condom usage. But while PrEP has got the possible to reduce HIV transmission prices one of the individuals who will get usage of the high priced medicine, prices for any other STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea and syphilis are soaring among homosexual men.

I really do perhaps perhaps not shame barebacking because many of my intercourse is condom-less and bare. I'm a piggy man who loves male bodily liquids — cum, perspiration, piss, spit, for the reason that order — but We additionally understand my intercourse methods include STI disease. Many clinics and LGBT centers state that intimately active homosexual males should be given a full-range evaluation every 90 days. Since i will be having regular bareback intercourse, I have tested on a monthly basis, no exceptions.

Getting tested each month is maybe not a preventative medical training, however a responsive one. I concede here that monthly STI testing and PrEP jointly face a present reality: gay men are having bareback sex, and lots of it while I agree that most responsive healthcare regimens are less healthy in the long run than preventative care — our overmedicated society is evidence of that.