Al-Braqa has tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs from the smallest advisory assignment to maintenance project. We create value and mitigate risk for our customers based on our experience throughout the entire project lifecycle and value chain. The local knowledge we’ve accumulated and the strong relationships we’ve fostered with our regional partners have been invaluable. All these factors have given us the reputation as a preferred partner to the oil and gas industry. Explore the page below to learn a bit more about our services.


When it comes to managing the logistics for oil and gas, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns. At Al-Braqa, we have extensive experience in providing specialized logistic services for this industry. We offer comprehensive management concepts and flexible solutions for all kinds of logistical support needed.


We provide agency services for rigs and vessels, arrange charters, provide bunker fuels and provisions, quayside assistance all in a single customised package. Wherever the demand for fuel takes you, Al-Braqa will be there to provide the support.

Helicopter Services

Being partners with Airbus Helicopters we are able to keep the oil and gas industry operating at its optimum output. Together with a partner who have accumulated more than 10 million flight hours in crew change missions, freight transport, medevac, search and rescue, and logistics support to offshore platforms, Al-Braqa together with Airbus helicopters are able to perform vital offshore oil and gas airlift duties with maximum efficiency.


Procurement is an essential service in today’s competitive Oil and Gas Industry. Our role is to find and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas.Our partnerships with renowned manufacturers across the world ensures our excellence in the standard of procurement for all equipment and material used in exploration, drilling, marine services, production and oil product disciplines.

Drilling Equipment

Drilling and exploration have never been more challenging. Drilling equipment must operate in harsher and more remote environments than ever before, and Al-Braqa is on hand to assist with equipment purchases suitable for your environment. We offer mechanical components for land and offshore drilling complete with installation, inspections and maintenance to all drilling equipments.

Offshore Equipment

At Al-Braqa, we offer diverse range of offshore equipment you need to establish key support bases for oil and gas projects. Our extensive product range covers the best products and services for marine and offshore industry. The best in line supplies are ideal for maintaining plant operability through intervention work with minimum loss of production.


Our service capability spans the oil and gas asset life cycle. Where possible we integrate our services to unlock value across the asset life cycle. By thinking differently about service delivery we align our approach to meet your operating strategies and project objectives—that enables us to approach delivery of our service in a flexible and tailored way.

Offshore Catering

Al-Braqa offers a cost effective solution for offshore catering. Our staff are all trained for offshore operations and are able to provide qualified catering to offshore vessels and installations. We provide fully customizable catering plans that will fit any dietary requirements of your staff.


We take pride in providing a range of high quality, professional service to all our customers – from expert advice on choosing the right materials to fast and friendly delivery of services. For more information on our products and services we can provide please fill in the contact form.